On April 30, 2008 the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia started issuing electronic travel documents based on Basic Access Control (BAC) in accordance with ISO / IEC 14443 standard for contactless chips , the ISO / IEC 15693 standard for biometric data and the ICAO 9303 MRTD specification. Electronic passports have a chip in which personal data and an image of the passport holder are entered. This data is digitally signed and the digital signature itself confirms the authenticity of the passport.

Since 28 November 2009, Serbian MOI has been issuing second generation travel documents based on Extended Access Control (EAC) which implemented a higher level of protection than the previous generation. One of the additional security features is an encrypted fingerprint image.

The Country Signature Certification Authority (CSCA) is the issuer and signer of the Document Signer (DS) certificate and is required to verify the authenticity of the travel document.


CSCA certificates of the Republic of Serbia can be downloaded from the following table:

РБ CSCA Thumbprint Valid from Valid to
1. RS_CSCA_1 57 e1 4d da 2e 42 69 fe 08 42 c5 e8 4b 0d 07 f4 fd 4e c4 e1 30.04.2008. 30.07.2023.
2. RS_CSCA_4 e7 d0 47 2d 41 3c 8b ac b5 40 b9 13 53 ed 1a b3 ae fd 02 7a 30.10.2008. 30.01.2024.
3. RS_CSCA_25 30 ce 51 db 59 8c 27 ee 99 a4 24 b6 b0 af a6 62 6a f1 78 da 30.10.2013. 30.01.2029.
4. RS_CSCA_53 45 22 3f f2 a6 96 4c 49 3d 43 26 6e 0e cb 03 fa 8f 34 03 43 26.10.2018. 26.10.2034.


The CRL list can be downloaded from the following table:


РБ Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Valid from Valid to
1. RS_CRL 21.03.2022. 19.06.2022.